Milking Bucket 5lts, Milking Bucket 10lts, Milking Bucket 15lts ,Milking Bucket 20lts ,Milking Bucket 25lts ,Milking can 4.5lts (with lock), Milking can 4.5lts (without lock plain), Milking can 9lts (with lock), Milking can 9lts (without lock) Milking can 5lts (with lock), Milking can 10lts (with lock), Sufuria Economy 12/23 1se,t Sufuria Economy 12/231 set Sufuria Super 12/23 1 set Sufuria Deluxe 12/23 1 set Sufuria Standard 24/30 1 set Sufuria super 24/30 1 set Sufuria Deluxe 24/30 1 set Sufuria Deluxe 36/36 W/H/L(1 Bundle-2pcs) Sufuria Super 36/36 W/H/L (1 Bundle-2pcs)


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