Strategic Objectives 2020-03-22T10:56:58+00:00

Procurement Agency services and strategic partnerships

The Corporation has partnered with key stakeholders for effective service delivery e.g. procurement and distribution of locally produced rice from Mwea and Kano plains and availing of subsidized fertilizer to farmers.

1. Promote wholesale, retail and e-trade through partnerships with sector stakeholders.
2. Undertake import and export trade in line with the National Trade Policy.
3. Improve and strengthen supply chain and distribution systems for both formal and informal sector.
4. Stabilize consumer commodity prices by ensuring balance in supply and demand through availability of products in the country.
5. Undertake Procurement Agency services for the Government and general public at a minimum fee.
6. Partner with other key players to avail relevant products/input for the agricultural sector.
7. Promote the development of MSME’s markets, expansion and diversifications of trade in line with the Government Policy.
8. To set up trading houses in export markets.