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Organizational Structure


a) Commercial Services Department

The department is responsible for strategic management of Sales, Marketing and Business development, Warehousing & Collateral and comprises of (3) divisions as follows; –

i) Sales Division

The division is responsible for strategic management of Sales operations which requires the development and implementation of pricing, trade policies, strategies and incentives for business actualization.

ii) Business Development Division

The division is responsible for leading initiatives towards business growth through supplier/prospect customer identification, partnership and relationship management.

iii) Warehousing and Collateral Division

The division is responsible for management and coordination of Warehousing and Collateral management operations by leveraging on the physical infrastructure of the Corporation of the Corporation

b) Supply Chain Management and Logistics Division
The Supply Chain Management and Logistics division is responsible for implementation of Procurement and Asset Disposal Act 2015 and its regulations, to offer professional opinion on all procurement contracts for goods, services and works. The Division will also be responsible for coordination and management of logistics services.

c)Finance and Accounts Division
The division facilitates the Corporation’s Financial planning, Management, Budgeting, updating of Assets and Liabilities, implementation of Audit recommendations and ensuring Compliance to Corporation’s financial policies and Procedures, the Public Finance Management – PFM Act and other financial regulatory guidelines.

d) Human Resource and Administration Division
The division offers advisory services to management on HR and Administration matters and deals with all staff matters including recruitment & selection, placement, retention, training and development, discipline, administration of staff welfare and separation. The division is also responsible for estate administration, security services and records management.

e) Company Secretary and Legal Services Division
The division will provide management of the Corporate Affairs function through development of effective public relations strategies, brand visibility and corporate social responsibility services pursuant to the provisions of Mwongozo Code of Governance for State Corporations 2015. The division also ensures effective and efficient management of contract administration, company insurance, and compliance with legal and regulatory legislation including provision of legal advice to members of management.
f) Internal Audit Division
The Internal Audit division is responsible for bringing a systematic and disciplined approach in evaluation and improvement of the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes. g) Strategy, Risk Management and Compliance Division
The division develops business strategies and manages risks in the socio economic and political environment in line with the corporate strategic plan and processes.

h) Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Division
The division is responsible for the implementation of ICT strategies in the Corporation.